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How Megan Fox Has Changed Throughout The Years


We all know Megan Fox as “that girl from Transformers”, but she’s done quite a few things before and after that. Despite her being typecast as a Hollywood bombshell, it probably wouldn’t hurt to look a little deeper and figure out what she’s experienced in life and what makes her tick. You might even end up thinking there’s more to her than meets the eye! (Yes, that was a lame Transformers joke.)


Megan was a bit of a weird kid growing up. After watching the Wizard of Oz at the ripe age of 4, she demanded that she be called Dorothy for a full year. Her mom breaking the news that Dorothy wasn’t real and played by an actress, is what convinced Megan that she wanted to start acting.

Apart from that, she finds her childhood to have been a bit lonely since her parents divorced when she was very young. Since her sister was 13 years older, they didn’t really do much together. Megan was left to her own devices.


As Megan grew up and went to school, she became bullied quite severely. This even made her eat her lunch in the bathroom stalls to avoid the bullies. This period in her life was also the start of her career in showbizz however, so it wasn’t all bad. She got her first modeling gig at 14 and got her first big acting role at the age of 17, starring in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

Ironically, for someone who had been bullied or felt like an outsider for the biggest part of her life, they cast her as the annoying b-word in the movie.

Transformers and Hollywood

As she grew bigger in Hollywood, she finally got the big roles she’d always hoped for. The one we’ll always remember her for is her role in Transformers, which led to the press saying loads of nasty things about her and her acting abilities. Fox also reportedly had some harsh words for Michael Bay, but those were smoothed over as they collaborated in the next Transformers movie also.

Thinking fame would increase her confidence was probably her biggest mistake. She put herself in the spotlight and never really did turn into this confident person she thought she’d become.

Being a Mom

The best thing she did in life was become a mom. She says she loves being pregnant and her three kids are a testament of that. She loves the entire process and says it gives her a great connection to the new and upcoming family member.