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10 Celebrity Marriages You May Have Forgotten About

For every celebrity marriage and subsequent divorce, there is a surprisingly long list of famous folks who tied the knot back in the day, called it quits, and moved on without us even remembering they were once husband and wife. Here are 10 surprising – and ill-conceived – marriages that come to mind.

8 Facts About Two-Sport Athlete Lolo Jones

Training to become a world class athlete is difficult in its own right. It requires time, dedication and a great deal of confidence. This makes the story of Lolo Jones even more remarkable due to the challenges she faced growing up.

8 Most Ridiculous Reality Shows Ever Made

While The Real World, Survivor and Real Housewives have all been huge successes, there have been some really terrible ideas that were turned into reality shows and, thankfully, were put out to pasture pretty quickly.

The 8 Greatest Female Sports Journalists of All-Time

A career in sports journalism requires hard work and years to build up credibility whether you’re a man or a woman, but women face the additional challenge of not being taken seriously based on prejudices and stereotypes about not being as knowledgeable about sports as their male counterparts.