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8 Deadliest Sci-Fi Monsters

Science fiction can sometimes border on the edge of pure fantasy in how little they pay attention to the first part of their genre. And while attempts are made to somehow cement these over the top creatures in some sort of scientific framework, you don’t need a PhD in biology to see right through it.

8 Iconic Roles A-Listers Completely Regret

Becoming a top actor who gets invited to star in high-profile projects and is offered multimillion-dollar contracts is not easy. Sometimes to achieve stardom, one needs to go through dozens of roles, do some free work, or play a role they don’t like. The actors listed below are loved and respected for their iconic roles, but they hate even being reminded of them.

Who Did The “Friends” Actors End Up With In Real Life?

The first season of “Friends” was released over 26 years ago. In case you missed it, the plot revolved around a group of six friends who couldn’t live a single day without each other. We loved watching them hunt for jobs in NY, build relationships, get married, and in Ross’s case, get divorced a few times too many.