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Leo DiCaprio’s Celebrity Friends


There’s having friends, then there’s having friends in high places, and then there’s being friends with Leonardo DiCaprio. The guy seems immune to age, genuinely looks and sounds like a nice guy and in all his years of being in the spotlight, the only scandal he’s been involved in is how many supermodels he dates. Which, all things considering, honestly isn’t a bad deal.

Some celebrities have gained the wonderful privilege of being in Mr. DiCaprio’s inner circle, so to speak, and can call him a friend. Let’s take a look at some of these lucky bastards.

Tobey Maguire

Yes, worst Spider-Man did something right. In fact, they were already friends before filming The Great Gatsby and have known each other since childhood. Congratulations, Tobey, we’ve decided that Andrew Garfield is now the worst Spider-Man.

Jonah Hill

Given the shenanigans these two got into on set for The Wolf of Wall Street, there’s almost no way that these two wouldn’t end up becoming friends. Jonah is even part of Leo’s party crew, which is probably a more meaningful thing to win than an Oscar.

Kate Winslet

After both starring in Titanic, these two have pretty much become inseparable. Not as much as the fans would want them to be, but we’ll take what we can get. It’s probably because Leo doesn’t fully trust her anymore after she wouldn’t let him float on that door.

Martin Scorsese

Imagine being an actor and being friends with Martin Scorsese. Now imagine being a director and being friends with Leo DiCaprio. I’m not sure who gains the most out of this friendship, but it’s fair to assume that neither of them is going to feel like they’re drawing the short stick.

Zac Efron

Zac and Leo met at a Lakers game, since they both have the money to afford courtside tickets. Leo instantly asked Zac to hang out together and naturally, Zac agreed. They’ve been friends ever since and hang out occasionally.


Despite the rumors that Leo and Rihanna were dating, neither of them has ever confirmed this. They hang out occasionally and party together all the time, but that’s pretty much the extent of their relationship together.

Cameron Diaz

Another gorgeous celebrity where Leo just couldn’t avoid the rumors that they’d be dating, Cameron and Leo met back in 2002 when they did Gangs of New York together. Despite the world having collected plenty of evidence that Leo has a thing for tall, skinny blondes, him and Cameron have never dated and are just good friends.