Top 9 Stress-Relieving TV Shows To Watch During the Pandemic


With COVID still on the loose, and presidential elections behind us, we need a minute to catch our breath and chill. Let’s face it, the situation will get worse before it gets better, but only if we keep forgetting about the quarantine rules. After months of working from home, you’re probably tired of the same four walls, and maybe you’re out of things to watch. And that’s where I come in!

So get a bottle of wine, a warm blanket, and start searching for these 9 stress-relieving TV shows!

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and also Angel)

What can be more soothing than watching the Scooby Gang dust vampires, chop off demon heads, and prevent the end of the world every season? The answer is nothing. Directed by amazing Joss Whedon, these two shows have everything you need for a good time. Badass relatable protagonist? Check! Dark and broody vampire boyfriend? Double check! Witty banter and the best musical episode ever aired on TV? Yes, please!

2. The Office

It’s one of the funniest and, at the same time, cringiest shows you’ll ever see. For some reason, the cringe only amplifies the off-beat humor, which is rarely seen on TV. The Office is full of hilarious people constantly ad-libbing their lines, making their fellow co-stars break out in tears. I mean, seriously, name one bad line from Dwight or Michael!

3. Parks and Recreation

Similarly to the Office, Parks and Rec is a mockumentary of the highest caliber. However, this time it’s not about selling paper, as much as it is about saving parks and treatin’ yo’self! The three best things about P&R are Leslie’s unyielding resolve, Ron’s grumpy face, and the funky chemistry between Andy and April. The rest of the cast is just cherry on top!

4. ALF

Anyone here from the 80s? If you are, you know how funny the Melmakian Menace was, and if you’ve never seen it — you’re in for a treat! Good ol’ Gordo loves smashing things, chase the cat, and blowing up kitchens. I’ve probably watched ALF like five times, and it never gets old. I don’t know if it’s the delivery, the acting, the writing, or all of the above, but the show keeps me entertained and deserves a spot here.

5. Becker

Speaking of oldies but goodies, we have Becker. A typical sitcom about John Becker, a doctor in the Bronx, and his very few friends. Very early into episode one, you realize why he’s not that popular with people — he’s a rude jackass! In our modern society, he’d be lynched right on the street, but thankfully, the 90s’ had way fewer touchy-feely people. The jokes are hilarious, and Ted Danson’s performance is stunning. This show is everything we need in 2020.

6. Friends

You know it’s good. I know it’s good. So let’s just pretend this is a whole paragraph describing how funny and cringe-worthy the Friends are, and move on, okay? I mean, seriously, is there a reason other than “unnecessary drama” and “laugh track” that you would not want to watch it? If we could just remove Rachel from the equation, that would be amazing. 90% of all the dumb moments came from her, and I don’t appreciate it. Still, it’s a must-watch! Oh, hey, there’s my paragraph, how convenient!

7. Lucifer

I don’t usually recommend crime drama, but Lucifer is not like the rest of the shows. First of all, it’s based on the DC Comics’ character Lucifer Morningstar, although very loosely. Second of all, Tom Ellis is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs! And third of all, the supernatural element really benefits the show’s plot progression instead of getting in the way. Luci can charm his way out of any situation, and he does it with style. So much so that once you start binging, you can’t stop.

8. Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

This is not a comedy; there is no plot; it’s just Bob Ross being a positive person and painting splendid landscapes. Everything from his soothing voice and little mannerisms to the way he uses different painting techniques and his thought process is so chill, you just want to curl up with a blanky and enjoy the ambient sounds of crackling firewood. Remember, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

9. One Piece

And finally, instead of going with some overrated show like the Big Bang Theory, I’m throwing you a curveball. One Piece is arguably the best anime series that will ever exist on this planet. Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit. Different people like different things, and you may hate anime in general or One Piece in particular, but if you’re on the fence — take the plunge. Fair warning, though: the first 40-50-ish episodes, you will be thinking, “wow, how is that bad animation supposed to be good?” You’re not wrong; the art style starts shining much later, but what reels you in initially is the story and the characters. It’s full of funny moments, adventures, and friends standing up for their nakama. It’s wholesome and inspiring, which is exactly what you need during these long lockdown days!