7 Beloved Celebs Who Ruined Their Reputation


Being a celebrity means that if you make one mistake, everyone will know about it. If it’s bad enough, it’ll probably ruin your career for the rest of your life. People don’t often forget about the crazy things you do, and it’s a place where there’s no coming back from.

Let’s take a look at some beloved celebrities that ruined their reputation by doing something utterly stupid.

Mel Gibson

His celebrity breakdown is probably the most memorable, since it’s not that long ago and it was quite spectacular. Mel Gibson struggled with severe alcohol issues and was caught making some antisemitic statements, which led to him being all but ignored by Hollywood for almost a full decade.

Lindsay Lohan

Trying to shake the whole “child star” label isn’t easy, but very few people have done it as badly as Lindsay did. She struggled with substance abuse and even spent a short time in jail because she wasn’t exactly keeping to her probation terms.

Johnny Depp

As much as it pains me to see this man on this list, his lawsuit against The Sun has already done more damage than anyone had suspected. He now has the label of being a domestic abuser and was asked to step down from playing Grindelwald in the last Fantastic Beasts movie. Johnny is appealing the decision, and hopefully we’ll be able to scratch him off this list in a few months.

Britney Spears

Despite trying to come back from her legendary breakdown in the mid 2000’s, there’s still a whole lot of question marks regarding La Spears’ mental sanity. She’s currently battling out a lawsuit with her father so she can maintain her own money once again, but even her most loyal fans are doubting whether that’d be a good idea.

Charlie Sheen

Ever since Charlie Sheen did that weird “I’ve got tiger blood” interview, no one is taking him seriously anymore. He had severe alcoholism issues and was frankly quite unhinged, which led to no one wanting to work with him anymore. He was even fired from the hit show Two and a Half Men.

Chris Brown

You know what’s a bad career move? Beating up Rihanna. Seriously, ask Chris Brown. If you’re thinking “who?”, that’s exactly the point. It’s like he was erased from all timelines after he abused one of the planet’s most loved pop stars.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda was one of the upcoming Nickelodeon stars back in the early 2010’s, but she veered off course faster than you can say “DUI”. Which is what the cops had to say to her on multiple occasions. She’s been slowly crawling her way back, but you can be sure it’ll take a whole lot longer than it took her to ruin her excellent chance of becoming a world-famous superstar.