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7 Stars Who Have Been Rejected by Hollywood

In Hollywood, big names have almost nothing to fear. But even the most fantastic actors and actresses sometimes say or do stupid things, making their bosses think twice before inviting them to shoot a new movie. Plus there’s the Internet judging them.

8 Stars You Thought Were Sweet But Are Actually Mean People

We often think that actors portraying our favorite characters on screen are just as lovely as the parts they play. A few charming interviews and you’re all over them. But remember, they’re actors, pretending to be someone else is what they get paid for. You might find it surprising but quite a few actors you thought were sweethearts are actually pretty mean people in real life.

7 Actors Who Had Ridiculous Reasons For Quitting A Role | Brain Berries

7 Actors Who Had Ridiculous Reasons For Quitting A Role

Let’s be honest: we’ve all wanted to quit our job at a certain point in life. No matter how awesome your job is, or how awesome you think it is, there’s going to be that one moment where you’ve just had it. Most people will just let that moment pass, but a select few will roll with it and quit their job.