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7 Stars Who Have Been Rejected by Hollywood


In Hollywood, big names have almost nothing to fear. But even the most fantastic actors and actresses sometimes say or do stupid things, making their bosses think twice before inviting them to shoot a new movie. Plus there’s the Internet judging them.

If you cherish your acting job, try to avoid these following mistakes. Here are the seven stars who have been rejected by Hollywood.

Shannen Doherty

Remember this beautiful actress in Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210? Shannen Doherty used to be one of the most requested stars on TV, but today you’d more likely find her in a coffee shop serving people hot beverages than starring in a new movie or TV show. It’s all because of her bad reputation. In short, due to her attitude, nobody wants to work with her. If you’re lucky, it’s just verbal abuse, but things can get physical.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen sure does have a lot of issues when it comes to addiction, but he’s also an amazing actor, so what did the Warner Bros. Execs do when they found out that he’s been doing the “stuff” while playing in Two and a Half Men? Yeah, they kicked him out and hired a new fresh face – Ashton Kutcher. According to several sources, Charlie blanked on the lines, was always late, and missed rehearsals. Poor guy.

Kevin Spacey

In 2017 Spacey’s “House of Cards” series was put on hold because of those dirty allegations, people judged the crap out of him, believing the said victims. His whole career was canceled because something he did or didn’t do decades ago. Needless to say, Spacey did not get any job offers since then and probably won’t get any for years to come.

Jeffrey Tambor

What would you do if you learned that the show executives are planning to kill off your character? Well, Jeffrey Tambor learned it via a text message, not even in person, so of course, he got a bit jerky on the set of “Transparent.”

Kim Delaney

Being a great actress sometimes leads to the formation of the bad habits. Kim Delaney used to be a big star until she started doing drugs and alcohol. She was detained for driving under the influence, which cost her the spot on the CSI: Miami show.

Clayne Crawford

Lethal Weapon was incredible, not going to lie. Even after Clayne was replaced by the other dude it still was fun, but it was clear that the showrunners valued Damon Wayans more than anyone else. I’ve heard Clayne’s side of the story, and it doesn’t look good for the Damon’s fans. But who would ever kick a black guy from the show in our day and age? So Clayne had to go because Damon was a d-bag. There, I said it.

Roseanne Barr

You’re probably aware of what Roseanne Barr twitted, and if you’re not, well, there’s Google. Let’s just say those tweets were pretty racist. Ever since her tiny fingers typed in those slurs, the Internet took it upon itself to cancel her career almost immediately. Regular people may have a chance at redeeming themselves, but celebs need to watch what they’re saying very carefully. Otherwise, they’ll get #barred.