8 Freaky-Looking Prehistoric Creatures That Still Exist Today

It seems that today we’re living in a world devoid of ancient horrors that haunted prehistoric people, and while it may be true to some point (T-Rex is gone for sure), there are still some creatures left around that haven’t changed much since they first appeared millions of years ago. Here are 8 weird creatures that haven’t changed much for the last few millions of years.

Top 10 Most Painful Australian Animal Bites

Dr. Bryan Fry did some research into the subject and came up with the 10 most painful animal bites in Australia. In case there’s anyone wondering which highly scientific method he used to figure this out: he actually let all of them bite him. So remember: these things hurt a man with steel balls.

Top 10 Horror Movie Animals

When the new creature in the movie appears – that is what gives shivers down your spine. We can only imagine what one or another creature may be capable of, feeling the tension throughout the movie. Let’s remember the scariest ones or reveal new creatures for ourselves.

7 Incredible Animals You Can Find Only in the Philippines

Despite being a relatively small country, the Philippines has a huge biodiversity. Many of those plants and beasts are extremely rare and you won’t be able to see them anywhere else on the planet. In fact, 16 new mammal species have been discovered in the Philippines in the last decade or so. Maybe you’d be the one to discover a brand new animal species in your backyard? Who knows, probably not, but still, go do some exploring!

5 Amazing Friendship Stories

Do you believe in friendship between animals and humans? If not, discover these amazing stories of pure friend relationships. If you’ve got a story that belongs on this list, we’d love to have you write about it in the comments!

10 Hilarious Animal Video Compilations

Have you ever seen cats, dogs, birds, goats and other pets do crazy stuff? Yeah, we’ve all been there, cracking up as we watched our dear pets going bonkers over literally nothing. And how many times have you wished you had a camera to capture their fail? Too many times, right. Fortunately, some people managed to succeed where you and I have failed. So, here are a couple of animal compilation videos that will definitely brighten your boring day.

10 Most Popular Internet Dogs

Most of these “celebs” can afford thousands of balls and tons of dog chow, but they decided to make their owners a bit happier instead. That’s because dogs aren’t a-holes like cats. So, anyway, enjoy my list!

15 Most Famous Internet Cats

Do you like cats? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! You probably have one or more fluffy bastards at home and you’ve taken thousands of pics and videos, hoping that one day your Tabby will do something weird and make you famous on the internet.

15 of The Most Terrifying Animals You Never Knew About

This world is so beautiful, but there are a lot of things we don’t really know about. We hate everything that scares us and love everything that make us smile. A lot of us are afraid of spiders and snakes, different lizards and even birds....

Snapping Selfies with Wild Animals Is a New Trend

The selfie (self-photograph) is the most incredible trend to hit over the last few years. Everyone is taking a selfie, with purpose or without it. A selfie is a great way to have fun and annoy Instagram users ( OMG, these girls get me so...

These Amazing Animals Look So Much Like Humans!

Humans are animals. Unique animals with highly elaborated brains who evolved into tool-using beings with emotions, morality, culture and society. We also have a wonderful trait that other animals lack. We try to personify animals. People adore looking for human attributes in their pets and...

Loki the Wolfdog

Say hello to a new Instagram celebrity – a magnificent low content wolfdog Loki (mix of husky, malamute and some arctic wolf). He’s huge, he’s fluffy and he’s traveling the world with his faithful human companion-slash-owner Kelly Lund.

3 Outlandish Ocean Creatures That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you ready to treat yourself with “cuteness therapy”? Imagine some little creatures that the Internet is going crazy about. Nope, not kittens. Gosh, not puppies! Imagine some…slugs! Are you euh-yuck-gross-ing now? You definitely must have some guts if these crawling monsters don’t make your...

The Cutest Polar Bear You’ve Ever Seen! Boom!

Wow…this guy right here is the cutest bear you’ve ever seen. When we are talking about bears, most of us imagine a polar bear sitting in the kitchen and driving vodka with some Russian guy but a Photographer named Dennis Fast captured some unique shots...

World’s Most Beautiful Festivals Dedicated To Animals

Animals have always been a part of people’s lives. Throughout history, animals have been helping people by providing work, food and a basic economy. Unfortunately, not all animals are treated with love and respect. Animal abuse still remains one of the greatest issues that needs...

Underwater Dogs By Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel is an award-winning animal photographer who has been featured in the largest magazines such as the New York Times and National Geographic. His series of photos entitled ‘Underwater Dogs’ went viral overnight and made him famous worldwide. Seth managed to capture the man’s...