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These Two Kittens Are Polar Opposites, But They’ll Steal Your Heart


Although the mystery why the world is smitten with cats is still to be solved, it’s already obvious that all mousers have distinct personalities of their own. Despite the fact they are animals, cats can be shy and naughty, bored and silly. Just like us. Sometimes, resemblance to humans seems absolutely uncanny when a kitty’s face has an undeniably human expression. All of us are familiar with this phenomenon thanks to one-of-a-kind Grumpy Cat. However, there are more felines that look like four-legged and whisker-bearing incarnations of specific human emotions.

Say hello to Bum and Rey, two kittens who seem absolute opposites of each other. They differ just like the comedy and tragedy masks. Bum looks permanently heartbroken. Rey is, on the contrary, an always a delighted fuzzball.

Bum was brought to a shelter when he was just four weeks old. His mournful expression was the flaw that won everyone’s heart, and it was just matter of time before the tabby got adopted and received all the love he deserves.

The boy looks like a living proof that life is inherently tragic. Fortunately, he looks this miserable and insecure entirely due to his crossed eyes and down-turned mouth. In real life, Bum is extremely friendly and cheerful. The fuzzy kiddo is a whiskered example that you should never judge someone only by mere appearance.

Unlike Bum, Rey seems to never stop smiling! The girl has been beaming with joy since the day she joined her human family. She looks like a tiny house lion that welcomes everyone with a perpetual expression of delight on her furry face.

Yes, the kitten has been named for the new Star Wars’ heartthrob, and her owner fondly calls her “my little Rey of sunshine.”

Even though these little fellas look so dramatically different, both pussy cats have actually lots in common. In addition to having been fostered, they adore cuddles and are extremely playful both with people and other feline friends.

Moreover, when looking at this unlikely duo, I arrived at an idea that happiness and sadness are a pair of polar opposite emotions that you can’t turn your back on. They are contagious and overwhelming. Indeed, how in the world is it possible to say ‘no’ to these two love bugs? Just look at them. They touch your soul with their eyes – the one with his constantly worried look and the one with her perpetually smiling face! What a duo!