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Top 10 Horror Movie Animals


We know many characters that may scare you with their terrible looks, abilities, unexpected actions and much more. Serial killers and psychopaths may scare us to death and visit our dreams. But those are all people. What can terrify us even more? 1 word: “unexplainable”. When the new creature in the movie appears – that is what gives shivers down your spine. We can only imagine what one or another creature may be capable of, feeling the tension throughout the movie.
Let’s remember the scariest ones or reveal new creatures for ourselves.



Shark from “Jaws” (1975)
That is the one that calls into question another trip to the beach. A gigantic white shark is what you never want to feel clamping down on your leg when having fun in the water. A lot of blood and well-chosen background music by John Williams make it a perfect combination of movie elements.

The Crocodile from “Lake Placid” (1999)
It is a horror comedy (which is actually very funny sometimes) that involves a dangerous 30-foot-long (9 meters) crocodile that occupied Black Lake and hunts for helpless people (and a bear). You may laugh hard but it doesn’t mean this creature won’t become your nightmare.

The Piranhas from “Piranha” (1978)
Another dangerous school of underwater guys that were accidentally released into the river, went to a day camp and mercilessly attacked teen partygoers making them disappear underwater. Piranha is a satirical horror movie that is a parody to the previous mentioned “Jaws”. In 1981 it was followed by a sequel, Piranha II: The Spawning, and got to remakes (1995, 2010).

The Snake from “Anaconda” (1997)
A great horror film about National Geographic crew (including Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, and Eric Stoltz), that went on a trip to the Amazon rainforest in order to hunt the giant anaconda. Who knows what to expect from such huge monsters? The guys had a hard time discovering the fact the this creature can swallow a whole person!
Even though the movie had a lot of critics, it became a total hit.

Gorillas from “Congo” (1995)
Adventurous movie with a twisted plot: a diamond expedition to the dangerous African Congo ends really bad, a new team is coming to investigate. It appears that the diamonds are guarded by dangerous gorillas that can kill anyone with a blink of an eye.
You watch this movie at your own risk, because it still makes some of us look over our shoulders when we go to the zoo.

The Sheep from “Black Sheep” (2007)
A New Zealand black comedy horror movie by Jonathan King that shows us how genetic engineering may go really really wrong. Here we can see how even silly sheep can turn into bloody killers after being genetically modified.
The film received many good reviews and grossed $4.9 million. This one is just a must-see!

The Spiders from “Arachnophobia” (1990)
The smaller the creature is, the scarier it may be, don’t you think so? Spiders can sneak anywhere and you won’t even notice! We recommend people with arachnophobia to avoid this movie, because… well, you understand. It’s an American horror comedy film directed by Frank Marshall and earned $53.21 million at the box office. It has a strong plot line that keeps us awake along with the bugs creeping us out. A South African spider accidentally travels to the U.S. by boat and meets a local spider. Their offsprings sneak to a small town in California and that is when the true horror begins.

The Birds from “The Birds” (1963)
American horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Tension in the film keeps us glued to our seats. Fluttering wings sounds end up with sudden feathery attacks and they become scarier when those flying monsters decide to attack the children’s party. This is a 3-D classic. You really do feel threatened by the birds!

The Ants from “Them!” (1954)
If you prefer something more “trashy”, this black and white science fiction movie is what should be in your movie night plans. A nest of gigantic ants is discovered in the New Mexico desert. Their abnormal-size change was caused by atomic testing, which turns them into man-eating monsters! On the other side, the movie itself still makes us think seriously about the problem of radioactivity in the modern world.

The Mosquitoes from “Mosquito” (1995)
Another great science fiction flick, directed by Gary Jones that makes us hate mosquitos even more (who loves them anyway?). Here you will find out what happens when ordinary mosquitos feed on alien carcasses. The movie with its, sometimes terrible, effects and dialogues received mostly negative feedback but it can also be considered as some kind of piquancy.