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10 Hilarious Animal Video Compilations


Have you ever seen cats, dogs, birds, goats and other pets do crazy stuff? Yeah, we’ve all been there, cracking up as we watched our dear pets going bonkers over literally nothing. And how many times have you wished you had a camera to capture their fail? Too many times, right. Fortunately, some people managed to succeed where you and I have failed. So, here are a couple of animal videos compilation that will definitely brighten your boring day at work.



What insane thoughts are doing through these animals’ heads making them freak out like this?

Crazy, Silly Pets Spazz Out || Hilarious Pet… thepetcollective

Definitely some of the goofiest and funniest animal fails of 2015.

Funniest Animal Fails Compilation 2015 | FailArmy FailArmy

Dogs and goats, cats and pigs, cats and chicken… there’s no end to these weird friendships!

Weirdest, Coolest Pet Friend Combos (Fun… thepetcollective

Evil robot BB-8 trying to conquer Earth, but a brave team of kittens say NAY to his malevolent plans!

Kittens VS Robots BigCatRescue

I don’t know about you, but some of these fellas understand technology better than my mom. Not even joking.

Pets Vs. Technology (Funny Compilation!) thepetcollective

A compilation of incredibly talented pets doing things even I can’t do!

Super Talented Pets (Funny Compilation!) thepetcollective

I know the holidays are over, but a funny cat video is relevant any day of the year.

Most Hilarious Holiday Pet Moments thepetcollective

Cats freak out over absolutely nothing and anything at the same time. In that regard, they are just like women.

Top 5 Feline Freakouts || JukinVideo Top Five JukinVideo

Cats can be assholes, but we still love them. Why? Because humans are assholes too, so have at least that in common.

Cat-holes || Cats Being Jerks Compilation thepetcollective

And now it’s time to have some sleepy time… Just don’t forget to wake up before your boss catches you!

Super Sleepy Pets || Pets Sleeping Compilation thepetcollective