Funny Amazon-Like Reviews Of Weird Animals Are Taking Over Twitter (20 Pictures)

How often do you check user reviews before you buy a toy or some kitchen appliance? Probably quite often, seeing as this is one of the most important pieces of info on the product page. Keeping that in mind, the genius behind the Oregon Zoo’s Twitter decided to put a twist on the whole 5-star rating system, and applied it to the animals they have in the zoo. People on the internet liked what they saw and took the #rateaspecies hashtag to the land of viral memes!

Exotic Animal Specialist Becomes A Real-Life Tarzan And It’s Beyond Amazing

Mike Holston from Miami is a zoo keeper, exotic animal specialist, and a teacher that often goes to schools to educate kids about animals. Kids love him, and who wouldn’t, really? A man calls himself The Real Tarzann and spends days cuddling with tiger cubs, feeding gigantic lizards, playing with monkeys, spiders, snakes, and whatnot. If this is not the coolest job in the world, then we don’t know what is!

10 Bizarre Ways Animals Have Changed The World

It’s not a secret that humanity has been changing our planet since the dawn of times, but what we rarely think about is all those animal and plant species that have been around long before us changing and shaping the way our Earth looks today. And not only that!

Robert Irwin Makes Better Wildlife Photos Than You Do

Remember Steve Irwin, the man that made modern society fall in love with Mother Nature’s finest creations? Well, apparently his son Robert is the proverbial apple that didn’t fall far from the tree. He makes some amazing wildlife photos that give you a unique view on nature.

7 Strangely Colored Animals

Since our very first days on this planet our parents and teachers have taught us, well, things. They said that the sky is blue, the grass is green, the cat goes “meow”, the cow goes “moo”… You know, that kind of stuff. But sometimes nature goes bonkers…

New York City Took The ‘Dog-in-the-Subway’ Ban Well

Remember last year when the MTA banned dogs on the subway unless they could fit in a bag? Well, New York went full New York on them and showed the MTA that their ban had a small flaw in it: they didn’t specify how big the bag was allowed to be.

10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

These 10 dog breeds could probably kill you in a matter of minutes, if you decide to test them. So, please, don’t. Just pet them and they’ll love you forever, but ask their owner first before you pet!