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New York City Took The ‘Dog-in-the-Subway’ Ban Well


Remember last year when the MTA banned dogs on the subway unless they could fit in a bag? Well, New York went full New York on them and showed the MTA that their ban had a small flaw in it: they didn’t specify how big the bag was allowed to be. So naturally everyone went and got the biggest bag they could find to put their dogs in.



Maybe we should get this rule implemented for kids as well. Just saying – I’ve been frustrated and annoyed by kids on more occasions than I’ve been annoyed by dogs. Dogs are always cool. They’re like a warm, excited, walking blanket of friendship. Kids are … well, kids.













Kudos to the people of New York for not letting something silly like the law get in the way of being with their dogs. Some of the pictures look downright hilarious, but it serves the MTA right for thinking dogs are the biggest problem when you’re commuting. If a dog is well-trained, it’s never a problem to anyone. And if it’s not well-trained, it’s the owner that’s the problem. Dogs are the best thing since sliced bread and butter.













So next time someone tells you that you can’t do something, make sure they exhausted all your options. There’s always some silly rule they’ll forget, and New York will always make you remember.