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These Cute Animals Can Kill You If You’re Not Careful


Ah yes, humanity’s obsession with cute animals. We all love to gander at cute cats at times when we should probably be doing something more productive, but who can really blame us? Cute animals are nature’s best drug.
That said – nature knows. They know we have an obsession for cute animals, so they turned several cute animals into lethal assassins. Why? Well, why not, really. Let’s take a look at some of nature’s best hitmen.



They’re the only species – apart from us humans – that kill for sport. That should tell you all you need to know.



Poison Dart Frog
If you need extra reasons to avoid this animal apart from the very obvious name, it’s probably best for you to avoid animals altogether. Just to be safe.

They may not have teeth, but these thing’s claws make Wolverine look like a cry-baby.

Tasmanian Devils
“Oh look at this thing, it looks so cute and innocent and OH GOD WHY IS IT BITING MY FACE OFF IT HURTS SO MUCH!”



I mean sure, they look mighty cute and innocent. Just don’t forget that these things are bears. Bears can kill humans. Quite easily, I should add.

Slow Loris
These are one of the most poisonous mammals alive. A single bite from a Slow Loris could put you into shock.

Leopard Seals
Leopard Seals’ favorite food is a yummy penguin and they’re known to be quite aggressive at times.

These are pretty well-known. If you eat these and they’re not well prepared, they’ll kill you. Simple as that. Why take a chance, better to play it safe and order the shrimp instead!