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Brilliant Digital Artist Photoshops Her Dog Into Different Movie Posters


If you’re one of those very few people who like dogs AND movies, you really should continue reading (or jump straight to the gallery, I’m not your master). You’re in for a treat! … Okay, no more dog jokes.


Meet Irene. Irene clearly loves her adorable dog Lucy, who came from a rescue litter when she was just 6 weeks old, and you can see it from all these pics, that the feeling is mutual. A few years back Irene started Photoshopping her puppy into all sorts of movie posters, from horrors to comedies. And, I gotta say, she did a terrific job. See for yourself!


P.S. Oh and, by the way, I was kidding about the “no more dog jokes”. I hope you’re not allergic to puns, because each of the following posters is hiding at least one (or more), so see if you can find them all!



1. Captain Jack-Russel-Terrier to the rescue!



2. Much much better than the original!



3. Honestly, the attention to details in this poster is staggering.



4. She’s still a good girl, though, right?

5. I have nothing on this one, sorry.



6. Digging up potatoes would be a cakewalk for Lucy.



7. The pun titles are on point.

8. Honestly don’t care about this movie, but if it starred lil’ Lucy… well, let’s just say the critics would love it (even more).



9. Ooh, this twists sounds yummy!



10. Okay, I’m adding this movie to my to-watch list right away.



11. Roses are gray, violets are gray… Everything is gray when you’re a doggo!

12. More like “The Dog of Wolf Street”, am I right?



13. A story about a dog doing ballet? I’m freaking IN!



14. Who’s a good girl with a pearl earring? Yes you are!

15. We’re gonna need a bigger ball.



16. Mucho scary, mucho horror!



17. I was honestly waiting for this one.



18. All based on real-life events, I bet.

19. Haa~ I see what you did there!



20. This should have been a poster for “Cloudy, with a Chance of Tennis Balls” but I’ll take it.



21. There is no ball, Neo.