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Genius Artists Turns Real-Life Animals Into Minecraftean Freaks


Who would have thought that turning stock photos of regular animals into cubified monstrosities would be so much fun? This digital artist, named Aditya Aryanto, does exactly that: he gives boring real-life animals the Minecraft treatment. If you’re not at all familiar with the gaming world, Minecraft is a hit sandbox video game, developed by Markus “Notch” Persson, where you roam around the world, chopping down blocky trees, killing blocky zombies, and mining blocky diamonds. If I were to describe this game with one word, it would be – blocky.


So, either way, Aditya Aryanto uses the ‘liquify’ feature in Photoshop to change the animals into cube-shaped abominations, then shares his work with the rest of the world on his Instagram page. Let me show you a few of his best creations!



1. In a cubic world it’s only logical that rabbits would be called “cubits”, right?



2. Even this deer’s antlers are blocky!



3. Beep-beep, I’m a sheep. I said beep-beep I’m a sheep.

4. More sheep!



5. This one looks exceptionally freaky to me for some reason.

6. The cat – not so much.



7. Oh yeah, the blocky sphinx hits the spot!



8. And then there’s cat food, of course.

9. That’s one weird puppy.



10. What’s the difference between a rabbit and a hare? Let me know in the comments.

11. I see nothing wrong with this picture.



12. And there goes my sleep for the next week.



13. Aww, that polar bear looks even cuter than the real one!

14. Pugs are cute, Minecraft pugs are freakishly cute.



15. This squirrel is just awesome!