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27+ Cutest Albino Animals in the World


Look at these amazing creatures! They look like they’ve been made for a Disney movie, with that beautiful white fur, feathers, skin, and… even scales? Whoa, I didn’t know snakes could be this white!


All fairy tales aside, these animals do exist, and they all have albinism. This extremely rare congenital condition, defined by partial or complete absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes. So it’s not that they’re white, it’s more like they’re colorless. The lack of this pigment also makes them more susceptible to UV rays, and skin disease.


Would you like to see some albino lobsters? How about an albino raccoon? Strap in, and let’s check out 20+ cutest albino animals in the world!



1. Albino koala looks truly epic.



2. Would you be afraid of a white doberman? You probably should be.



3. Daddy seahorse.



4. Daddy regular horse.



5. Whitetail deer having fun. Probably.

6. Can you guess which sea turtle is the albino?



7. Just your regular squirrels wearing winter clothes.



8. This penguin doesn’t look that good.



9. Albino lobster, on the other hand, looks fabulous!

10. Raccoons will raccoon!



11. That’s not a gorilla, this is my neighbor Pete!



12. Albino zebra looks like a regular old horse. Huh.



13. Baby elephants are the cutest!



14. Can’t say I’d be able to tell if this flamingo had albinism or not…

15. The mythical white buffalo



16. Crocs come in all colors and sizes!



17. Being an albino peacock must be tough. He’s probably never gonna get any tail.



18. Eastern screech owls, or any owl for that matter, are majestic.

19.Hummingbirds are literally all about their colors…



20. Yes, this is a kangaroo



21. Albino lions look sick!



22. Giraffes – not so much.



23. Bats are kinda cute.

24. Manta rays can go to hell.



25. Porcupines! I have nothing to say about them.



26. Albino ladybugs? Who knew bugs could be this fancy?



27. And of course, an albino snake. 10/10 would mistake it for a mythical creature.