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Deck Your Pets With Boughs of Holly! 25 Incredibly Cute Animals All Dressed up For X-Mas!


It’s that time of the year again! People all over the world are getting ready to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in the entire calendar – Christmas. And, sure, different religions have different holidays, but you can’t deny that X-Mas is by far the most popular. It even lost all of its religious meaning, and now it’s about Santa Claus and getting presents. I’m not just being funny, try coming up to kids or teens and ask them what Christmas is all about. But this doesn’t bother me, I like getting presents (who doesn’t?).


A-a-a-anyway, let’s talk about pets! I’m sure you have a cat or a doggo currently craving for more of your attention, and since it’s almost Santa time, why not dress them up as the jolly old guy. Or maybe as a Christmas tree. Or an elf! Your options are pretty much infinite, and it’ll make your Instagram feed all cheerful and festive. To start you off, here are some ideas from the Internet.


P.S. My cat would claw me to death if I pulled something like this, so don’t put your pets into tight clothes. Fake internet points aren’t worth it.



1. You can see the kitty LUUUUVS this idea, right?



2. Wiener dogs make for the best reindeer.



3. That’s the grumpiest elf I’ve ever seen



4. Cats (with fur) are freaking adorable no matter what they’re wearing.

5. All I want for Christmas is this guy <3



6. A festive sweater for dogs? I’m in!



7. You can actually hear his thoughts. And they’re not very nice.



8. I’ll use any excuse to google corgis. Just saying.

9. Cheap and easy way to decorate your dog.



10. Those stares…



11. They told him he could be anything, so he became a Pugsmas tree!



12. It’s that mythical creature – half-dog, half-reindeer, half-seal!

13. … hm, what? Sorry, I was admiring this furry beast…



14. One of those things is not like the others.



15. For some reason these Huskies crack me up!



16. “The Last Supper”? More like “The Last Pupper”, am I right?



17. Here’s something you don’t see every day…

18. A Guinea pig dressed as a micro Christmas tree? That’s freaking genius!



19. Okay, maybe Sonic here isn’t wearing anything fancy, but the photo still sets a great mood, don’t you think?



20. Imagine if Santa was a sloth..



21. I may or may not know who the good girl is. Just saying (again).

22. Is… is this even a dog? Looks like Satan’s little spawn. I mean SANTA’s… Santa’s.



23. Derpy Derpmas, everyone! Derp-derp-derp!



24. Iguanas make sure your holidays are going great, that’s all.



25. And last but not least, probably the cutest holiday-themed pug I’ve ever seen. Merry Christmas, y’all!