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35 Most Meme-tastic Twitter Cats of 2016


You came here for the cats, and I shall grant you that in a minute (or just scroll down), but first I’d like to take a short stroll down the memory lane. Remember ICHC (I Can Has Cheezburger)? Is that site still alive today? I hope it is, because back in the day it was the best source of fun for me and countless other cat lovers. All the LOLcats and LOLspeak, were ridiculous and hilarious at the same time, and no, it wasn’t just “bad grammar”. There’s a difference between not knowing how to spell their and they’re, and saying “I can has” instead of “can I have”. It is, or rather, was a quirky style that helped to convey the cat’s primitive way of thinking and basic understanding of English grammar. Okay, I’m done reminiscing.


So, what do these LOLcats have to do with cats and memes on Twitter in 2016? Well, they basically have the same concept – funny cat picture with a caption. And also I miss ICHC, sue me!


Regardless of what the medium is, funny cat pictures and GIF’s will always find a way to break through all the political posts, sad news, and other unimportant stuff like that. As long as there’s a way to share pics – there will be cat compilations like this one, for the cats are an everlasting source of happiness and good vibes.


Alright, time to see what’s in the Twitter Cat box! (spoiler alert: it’s lots of cats)



1. #ImpossibleLifeGoals



2. As a cat owner, yeah, cats on catnip freak me out!



3. I wonder if he’s going to a job interview. I’d hire him no questions asked.



4. *realizes how ridiculous this situation is* … *starts laughing out loud*



5. 5th floor, kind sir. Meow and thank you.

6. Uh, guys, I think I found that portable cloning machine that went missing!



7. This reminded me of that South Park episode about the woodland critters… Oh boy, this won’t end well for the baby Jesus!



8. What did you expect? Cats don’t even have thumbs!

9. Dude, you just pay them with tuna and catnip, trust me.



10. Bless this kitty in particular.



11. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, these kitties are amazing!



12. It’s like he knows. He knows AND cares!



13. Shieet, my manvaries are about to explode from all this catness!

14. CAT.EXE IS NOT RESPONDING. Try rebooping the snoot.



15. It’s a double win: you get all the cats and no pesky mosquitoes!



16. Place a hay stack at the bottom and call your cat Altaїr. It’s the only logical solution.



17. Maybe it’s a germaphobic cat?

18. Damn, this is freaky. It even has the same crazy eyes!



19. Yeah, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but that cat is just as freaked out by the fireworks, as the doggo.



20. I need this cat bridge in my life right. NOW!



21. Opaque cat is opaque.



22. Kilos? Nah, my cat takes up at least 5 liters.

23. “Is… is this what the real world looks like?” – cat, probably. Yes, kitty, but you’d be screwed here, so go back inside, where the food is!



24. That blurred tail, tho… Was the cat actually wagging it like a dog? Now that would be weird.



25. You always gotta set your priorities right.



26. “THE HOOMAN IS WET! I REPEAT: THE HOOMAN IS WET!” – cat, definitely

27. Did they just plant a buttload of catnip there to attract all those cats? Also, marking this spot as my next travel destination.



28. When you’re decent at drawing human faces, but the client wants to include a few cats. #ArtIsAStruggle



29. Obi Wan, you’re our only hope!



30. “… oh and while I’m eating, go clean up that barf on the carpet.” – cat, every freaking time.



31. Who hurt you lil kitty?

32. That face when you proof read your post and it sounds completely janked.



33. Yo, people at Snapchat, if you’re reading this here’s a 1 billion dollar idea for you in 1 word – Snap… wait for it… CAT! MindBlown.GIF



34. This is as close as you will get to the Ceiling Cat. In fact this is probably Catangel Michael, the Gatekeeper, watching someone masturbate. And if you get those references – congrats, you’re pretty old.



35. I don’t know why but this one got me real good. And it’s a perfect send off!