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9 Rage-Inducing Zoo Incidents


You may think that zoos are mostly amazing, because there you can see all sorts of animals from far away lands, sometimes these animals are on the verge of extinction even, but honestly, 90% of zoos have had horrible incidents. Maybe that’s why there are no “good” zoos in the world.
It’s a businesses, that was built and still somehow relies on breeding, buying, and selling animals. I’m not saying that the owners and staff don’t like or care for the animals, but the profit always comes first, instead of the animals’ welfare. This is actually pretty F’d up any way you look at it, because if you don’t visit the zoos the animals will die a hungry death, and if you keep supporting the zoos, they’ll bring in more animals.


Anyway, let me show you some rage-inducing zoo incidents that will make you lose your faith in humanity even more.



Gaza Zoo
The Gaza Zoo painted white stripes on donkeys to make them look like zebras. That’s probably the least horrible thing on this list, however.



Scarborough Sea Life Centre
The Humboldt penguins at Scarborough Sea Life Centre were fed antidepressants because they were miserable. Did it help? I highly doubt it.

Dallas Zoo
A wild gorilla was shot and killed after he escaped from an “award-winning” exhibit at the Dallas Zoo. I know you’ll compare him to Harambe, but not all gorillas are Harambe, ya racist bastard.

San Diego Zoo & Lowry Park Zoo
In 2003, 11 illegally imported African elephants from Switzerland were taken in by the San Diego Zoo and Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. But who cares, as long as people get to see the gray giants, right?



Dickerson Park Zoo
From 2006 to 2009, Missouri’s Dickerson Park Zoo sold giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, wallabies, and exotic antelopes to private collectors, and scum like Buddy Jordan, a notorious animal dealer who sold animals to hunting ranches, breeders, other shady dealers, and who knows where else.

Cape May County Zoo
One of the worst fates a giraffe can have is being transferred from New Jersey to a freaking traveling circus. That’s what New Jersey’s Cape May County Zoo did to these 2 gorgeous creatures.

Minnesota Zoo
You know what happens when cute baby animals grow up? They’re not kid-friendly anymore, and deserve to be sent to a slaughterhouse, apparently. At least that’s what the Minnesota Zoo did when baby goats and cute lambs lost their youthful appeal.



Cleveland Zoo
Okay, maybe what I said about the circus isn’t as bad of a fate compared to this. The Cleveland Zoo asked the members of the zoo community to support the use of surplus zoo animals in medical experimentation. F#ck Cleveland Zoo.

Toledo Zoo
This one’s really heart-wrenching. Idiots at Toledo Zoo locked up their bear to hibernate without food or water, which of course lead to it’s slow and agonizing death, since this species doesn’t hibernate at all.