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These Pets Are So Ridiculously Expensive You Might Just Want To Get A Regular Cat


Humans have very little in common, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: we all love pets, and we all love money. The question is – would you rather pick lots and lots of pets or would you rather get one ridiculously expensive pet? I know, it’s quite the conundrum.
Let’s saddle up our horses and ride through the valley of expensive pets, shall we?



Green Monkey
One horse you might not want to carelessly saddle up, is Green Monkey. He’s a racehorse bred by another racehorse. Which means he’s a super-racehorse, apparently. He was auctioned for a whopping $16,000,000 (I double-checked the zeroes, it’s correct) in 2009.



Sir Lancelot Encore
If you’re like me, you can totally understand naming your Labrador “Sir Lancelot”. But why the encore? Well, Sir Lancelot Encore is the $16,000,000 (again, checked the zeroes) worth clone of Sir Lancelot. This is how the Clone Wars started. Someone call Yoda. Does Yoda even have a cellphone?

White Lion Cubs
As cute as they are now and as fierce as they’ll become later, they’re $140k a pop. And by the time you earn back the money, they’ll eat you for lunch. The white color is a product of recessive genes, which makes them hard to breed.

Tibetan Mastiff
The largest dog in the world is also the most expensive one. A true-blooded Mastiff is worth about $582,000, but the last one was sold for $1.5 million back in 2011.



Miss Missy
Looks like a cow, doesn’t it? Well, this cow produces 50% more milk than regular cows. That makes her worth $1.2 million. You know what I get when I work 50% harder? An hour off on Friday.

Arabian Horse
This horse has a very athletic body, and is worth $100,000. Why? Because why not. I mean, why is Paul Pogba worth $100 million? Nobody asked that question when Manchester United bought him.

Lavender Albino Ball Python
Another product of recessive genes, these snakes are worth up to $40,000.



Palm Cuckatoo
These birds have a red cheek patch that changes color whenever they get excited. This, and the fact that they’re exotic birds, makes them worth $16,000 a piece. It’s a parakeet. A freek’en $16,000 parakeet for God’s sake!

Savannah Cat
This surprisingly playful and friendly cat is worth a whopping $12,000. I mean, it’d have to be pretty damn playful to make me feel like that money was well spent.