What Iconic Female Characters Look Like In Remakes (Lara Croft Will Really Surprise You)

Creating remakes of popular­ movies is a risky business. Characters become iconic due to their unique features, style, intricate plotlines, and of course appearance. There’s no denying the fact that we also fall for some characters just because they look cute. This is why so much controversy surrounds new characters of Lara Croft, Catwoman, and the Enchanted trio. Some fans could go along with the new actresses, but others simply couldn’t put up with the transformations their favorite heroines went through.

14 Incredibly Cool Pictures Of Unusual Objects Cut In Half

The old pearl of wisdom says “curiosity killed the cat” but us humans would never have reached our current status as the most advanced species on this planet, if it wasn’t for our inquisitive mind. The indisputable fact is that we love tearing things apart. It’s just a part of our nature, so every time we see something cool and unusual, our mind immediately goes to the “what’s inside” option. Here are 14 incredibly cool pictures of unusual objects cut in half!

8 Things That Will Happen If an Asteroid Hits Earth

We’ve all seen the movies about asteroids colliding with our planet, we’ve also read the news about near misses of asteroids flying close to us. Of course, many of us know that it is thought an asteroid hitting earth finished off the dinosaurs, in fact, this impact is thought to have wiped out 80% of all life on our planet, allowing mammals and eventually humans to thrive. But what would actually happen if an asteroid hit us?