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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Luckiest?


Each of us has experienced a stroke of luck at least once in our life. The opposite is also true – bad luck out of nowhere sucks! They say that Fortune favors the bold, but apparently, she treats each of the Zodiac signs differently. Each sign gets a certain amount of luck, and when it runs dry, well, 2020 happens. So who do you think is the luckiest Zodiac sign of them all?


Aries are lucky in everything, be it love, money, or free parking spots. This luck is understandable because Aries are reckless and not afraid to get their hands dirty. They like the process more than the outcome, which to them is secondary. Don’t try to be like them – you still won’t succeed.


Taurus are incredibly lucky in love. People born under this sign are amazing in the art of seduction. This sometimes leads them to big money and professional success. And if they are cunning enough, Taurus will always be able to use their acquaintances for their own merit.


Gemini’s luck is very shallow, but there’s a twist. Basically, they get a lucky break when there’s no other way out. In some incredible way, everything turns out fine, like, for example, whenever they run out of money, someone gives them an extra bit of cash, or they win a lottery (but not the jackpot). Gemini are also often considered to be freeloaders.


Cancers have a knack for investments and are very lucky with money. They are natural-born businessmen who always know how to avoid a debt trap successfully. They know how to make friends in the right places, who will never turn away from them.


Leo have many vices and weaknesses, so they need Lady Fortune’s help more often than other signs. Leo always have many friends but not because they are so cool and stuff, but because the stars and the universe want them to be happy.


Virgo’s luck smacks them over the head when they least expect it, and it doesn’t happen too often. This peculiarity is offset by their skills and talents to bring everything they set their minds on to the end.


Libra are almost like Virgo. The Universe has deprived them of luck in almost everything, but they have one big positive side. The stars gave Libra some unreal grace and charisma, often saving them from the otherwise inevitable failures.


Scorpio’s luck is quite strong, which is reflected in how skillfully they avoid problems and difficult situations. They’re that one person when people say “one in a million.” If the world ends, the Scorpio will be the ones to restore the population.


Sagittarius are incredibly lucky, and it doesn’t matter what they are doing. All they need to do is want something very much. After a while, they will see the first fruits of their wishes. Their luck is comparable to that of Aries, and in some ways even surpasses them.


Ask a Capricorn if they are lucky, and you will hear a resounding “no way.” They think they newed to sufferers to achieve everything on their own, but in reality, fate constantly throws them a bone. Capricorns are also quite lucky in love, but they often don’t notice this or are simply too busy to care.


Aquarius love to take risks, and for that, fate grants them victories. They are like those movie characters who are wise and have all the important information. Aquarians are always one step ahead because they know more than others. And that’s even better than luck.


Pisces get lucky breaks quite often, but the universe almost always takes something in return from them. It is difficult to call Pisces unlucky, but if they’re careless, they can screw themselves very easily. But that’s what they get in the end.