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Top 10 Nerdy Actresses That Are Actually Pretty In Real Life

Perhaps the biggest change in Hollywood the last 10-or-so years (apart from the endless reboots and remakes) has been the social redemption of nerds. While some of these may not look like much on the screen, every single one of them is attractive by pretty much any standard today.

10 Celebs Who Hate Their Own Movies

Not every movie can be the next blockbuster or instant classic, let’s face it. Celebrities work hard to become popular and rich. Sometimes they take part in awful movie projects, and even the celebrity cameo can’t save a bad movie from its epic fail. It’s not easy to be a celebrity, because as a public person you are always under pressure of society and publicity. Every single movie is nothing but team work, even if it depends on a single person, who plays a major role in the movie project. So let’s see what your favorite actors really think about their worst movies.

6 Great Actors Who Went from ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘Game of Thrones’

Harry Potter movies, with all their magic and the Game of Thrones TV show with the dragons and the white walkers may sound like they have a lot of things in common, when really they’re entirely different worlds. But this doesn’t mean that the actors can’t appear in both series, linking Westeros and Hogwarts worlds even further.

A Guy Revisits Some of Our Favorite Movie Scenes from the Past

Phil Grishaev, a video producer from LA, has an incredibly fascinating hobby: he revisits iconic locations from his favorite flicks, while trying to recreate the same shot. This guy’s Instagram account makes for a great “before and after” compilation and I know how people love those.

Mind-Boggling Before and After Photos of Actors in the Warcraft Movie

Most of the time we as movie-goers don’t see the before/after shots like these, but thanks to a Reddit user Zidden we can all witness how much work and passion went into re-creating these characters on screen. Every little detail, every scar, every wrinkle and every Orc tusk were all created individually to make these fictional characters look as realistic as possible, without ruining the viewer’s immersion.

20 Surprising Facts About The Big Bang Theory You Probably Didn’t Know

I know this show has a lot of haters, but it’s a pretty fun and entertaining piece of television, IMO. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely like this list, and if you don’t like TBBT, well, why would you even click on this post?
Anyway, here’s are 20 awesome little-known facts about the show, its actors and more!

15 Badass Female TV and Movie Heroines

What do Batman, Captain America, and Dracula have in common? No, they don’t all have a mother named Martha, but they’re all bad-freaking-ass in their stories! In fact there are so many cool male characters that we sometimes forget women can be just as amazing at what they do. Here’s a short (and I mean extremely short) list of my favorite female badasses in TV and movies.

10 Amazing Voice Actresses Behind Disney’s Princesses

The voice of a Disney animated princess is as inherent to their beauty and charisma as a shadow is inseparable to a body. The women you’ll get to know below deserve every bit of your attention because their vocal talents brought to life characters who became on-screen embodiments of grace, bravery, and wits.

Top 10 Unexpected Celebrity Cameos in FRIENDS

Trying to figure out which old show to rewatch while Arrow, Flash and the whole shebang are on break till Fall? I’ve got just the right suggestion for you – how about you jog your FRIENDS memory once again? This time, however, try to spot all the cameos from celebs that were not mentioned it this list.

7 Possible Aftermaths of “Captain America: Civil War”

It’s been a few days since “Captain America: Civil War” hit theaters worldwide, and it’s about time to talk about the possible future subplots of the upcoming Marvel Phase 3 movies, along with other implications, wild speculations and food for thought that the Avengers have left us with.

Top 11 Iconic Latino Characters In TV & Movies

Latino Characters are undoubtedly the most peculiar on screen. There’s no need to explain why, you can just enjoy the whole bunch of their emotional aspects: energetic, funny, sad or happy.
Does this all make us love these personalities more? Absolutely!

Top 10 Philippine TV Shows Everyone Should Watch

Have you ever had that feeling of unrest after you’ve finished watching like 5 seasons of the best show ever, and now you’re too anxious to start watching something new, because you’re afraid it won’t live up to that previous TV show? Yeah, well, you’re not alone brother (or sister), and there’s probably a phobia named after that. Anyway, let me give you a few recommendations on what you might want to watch on TV in your spare time.

7 Filthy Rich Celebs Who Live Extremely Humble Lives

Despite having international fame and eight-digit numbers on their bank accounts, there are celebrities who actually lead surprisingly modest lifestyles. They don’t spend millions of dollars on luxurious mansions, fancy cars, glamorous parties, and lavish vacations. They don’t go shopping with coupons every time, but they definitely don’t live as lusciously as they could. They prove that fame and modesty can go shoulder-to-shoulder and celebrities’ over-the-top lifestyles are just clichés to avoid. Are they exceptions that prove the rule or examples for other A-listers to follow? Check out the facts about their frugal lifestyles and judge for yourself.

Wow! 14 Hollywood Celebs and Their Unbelievable Bollywood Lookalikes

The list of Hollywood remakes made in Bollywood is endless. But did you know that there are also some complete doppelgangers of famous Hollywood actors and actresses in Bollywood? In these side-by-side photos, you’ll be surprised to see 14 Bollywood celebrities who have a remarkable resemblance with the iconic Hollywood stars.

10 Unbelievable ‘Then and Now’ Pics of Indian Celebs

So yeah, today they are our favorite superstars, and you see them on screen almost in every movie or a TV show, but how did they look like a couple of years back? How different were they from what they are now? Check out this tiny selection of Indian celebs who have been completely transformed over the years.