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12 Fascinating Suicide Squad Movie Facts


Regardless if you hated or loved it, Suicide Squad is here! So would you like to hear some cool facts about this movie? Maybe something on the characters that weren’t included, the Joker/Harley chemistry, and why was Batman even in this movie?



First and foremost, this movie has been rumored for months to be given a hard R rating, after the success of Deadpool, presumably, but, we all saw how it ended up. A mere PG13. At least the director was happy.



Deathstroke was initially to make an appearance, possibly, played by Joe Manganiello, but the idea was nixed early on. One of their best ideas, might I add, and yet they somehow managed to screw it up.

The El Diablo make up initially took about 5 hours to apply until they whittled it down to 3, which is weird because it’s just fake tats, right?



Speaking of weird, King Shark was considered for the film but the director didn’t want a big CGI character so they settled for Killer Croc.

The fun thing is, Croc’s prosthetics also took 5 hours to apply, which actually makes more sense than a few face tattoos.



Jared Leto and Margot Robbie didn’t rehearse their scenes together to give them a more unpredictable feel. And then half of those scenes ended up on a cutting room floor. GG, Ayer.

David Ayer has now confirmed definitively, that the popular fan theory about this version of Joker being the former Robin, was indeed untrue. And remember that time when the internet thought Ben Affleck’s Batman was actually Deathstroke? Hah! Good times, jolly good times.



Henry Cavill “pranked” the cast of Suicide Squad at the comic-con by wearing the Guy Fox mask and asking Will Smith for an autograph, revealing his true face shortly after. Sick prank, Super-bro!

The Suicide Squad plot was removed from the CW TV series “Arrow” to make way for them in the movie. Which was a freaking stupid idea, if you ask me.



Jared Leto did some weird stuff to become the Joker. Firstly, he stayed in character the entire time, he sent Margot Robbie a live black rat, Will Smith got some real bullets, Karen Fukahara was lucky enough to get some sex toys and some porn magazines. He also watched a ton of real-life violent crimes on YouTube. Was it worth the hassle? You tell me.

Margot Robbie gave a number of cast and crew members “SKWAD” tattoos, but still messed one up and wrote “SWAD” on Jai Courtney assistant’s arm. Well, at least it’s unique!



And lastly, Ben Affleck is reportedly not credited for his role of Batman in the Suicide Squad, since he’s been played by a stunt performer most of the time. Was that mid-credit scene also a body-double, I wonder?


What did you think about the movie? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Was it just “eh”? Let me know in the comments!