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9 Of The Sweetest Love Teams Of Philippine Showbiz


You know how they say that one must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off? Firstly, it’s called the “Chekhov’s gun” principle (you’re welcome, by the way), and, secondly, of course, we’re not talking about actual guns here. This time it’s about your favorite celebrity couples!

What do they have to do with that weird gun analogy? Well, as you may know, when two people have been working together for a while, they’re bound to develop at least some feelings towards each other, be it hatred, envy, or infatuation, especially if they’re both incredibly attractive, successful, and are playing a couple of lovers on screen. A few months ago we’ve covered a similar subject about Hollywood celebrities, who fell in love with each other after starring in a movie or a TV show together, and now let’s talk about Filipino celebs for a change.



John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo
Sadly, these two never became an item in real life, but the John Bea duo is one of the most adorable movie couples of this day. They’ve both starred in some of the highest-grossing Filipino flicks of all time. If the grapevine sources are true, John and Bea are set to team up again in a new movie soon!

Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto
Remember Mula Sa Paso? Yeah, it’s that incredibly successful soap you’ve seen like a hundred times on TV. Well, that’s where Rico and Claudine’s romance started brewing, coming on and off the screen. They continued to star in other TV shows and movies, including “Got 2 Believe”, which was Rico’s last time on the screen before his death in March of 2002.

Piolo Pascual & Judy Ann Santos
When the viewers first saw their on-screen chemistry in the TV series “Esperanza”, they were ecstatic. It’s been almost 10 years since their last collaboration but the two stars revealed in recent interviews that they would both love to star in a reunion project of some sort.

Jericho Rosales & Kristine Hermosa
This TV couple is known way beyond the Philippines due to the massive success of their soap opera “Pangako Sa’yo”, which had immense success and is still being shown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Namibia and even Kenya.

Gerald Anderson & Kim Chiu
These two used to be teen housemates in the record-breaking reality TV show “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition” way back in 2006. The fans of the show even gave Gerald and Kim a funny nickname – “Kimerald”. After PBB, they got paired in a few TV sitcoms and rom-coms and finally became an item. Even after their breakup in 2010, the fans are still patiently waiting for a reunion.

Marvin Agustin & Jolina Magdangal
Straight from the 90’s TV show “Gimik” comes this adorable tandem of Marvin and Jolina, who continued to entertain us with their sparkling chemistry in other TV shows and movies as well. After leaving the Kapamilya network to try something different, they had to eventually come back but were welcomed with open arms. Today, you can see both of them starring in a great afternoon soap opera “Flordeliza”.

Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo
Those who watched the 2012 hit series “Princess and I” will remember how cute Daniel and Kathryn looked together on the screen. Their huge popularity led to more collaborations for TV and movies, most of which were well-received, including their current series, a remake of the 2000’s “Pangako Sa ‘Yo”.

Enrique Gil & Liza Soberano
After starring in 2014’s “Forevermore”, this TV couple showed up again in the movie “Just The Way You Are”, where they’ve successfully played their first on-screen romance. Don’t they look adorable together?

Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza
Our final love team was formed “accidentally” on “Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All, All for Juan” segment. Nobody even heard of Alden and Yaya Dub (Maine) before that, and look at them now! Best thing about this whole thing is that they haven’t even met in person yet, but the show producers are ready to milk their romance as long as it lasts. All this attention could backfire if they’d try to make a spin-off or something, as by that time the stars would have revealed all their cards.