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10 Celebs Who Hate Their Own Movies


Not every movie can be the next blockbuster or instant classic, let’s face it. Celebrities work hard to become popular and rich. Sometimes they take part in awful movie projects, and even the celebrity cameo can’t save a bad movie from its epic fail. It’s not easy to be a celebrity, because as a public person you are always under pressure of society and publicity. Every single movie is nothing but team work, even if it depends on a single person, who plays a major role in the movie project. So let’s see what your favorite actors really think about their worst movies.

1. Channing Tatum, Coach Carter
Hollywood heartbreaker hates his 2009 movie ‘Coach Carter’. He doesn’t like anything what connects him with this movie, but most of all he hates the storyline and script. He was signed for a three picture deal, and he had no other way but took a part in this movie. Maybe it’s not the worst movie ever, but Channing wants to forget about it and move forward.

2. George Clooney , Batman & Robin
Everyone remembers Clooney for his prominent role in Ocean’s 11, he did a great job and you will watch this movie again and again. But when we are talking about the Batman franchise, we get nothing but tons of apologies. ‘Sorry, guys for destroying the image of your favorite superhero’

3. Halle Berry, Catwoman
Catwoman earned the award for the worst movie at the 25th annual Razzie Awards. In her fire speech Halle Berry wasn’t mincing words to describe her attitude to Warner Bros for casting her in this awful movie. She was trying to do her best to save this trash movie, but she was too fat from the triumph.

4. Robert Pattinson, Twilight
Today we can’t imagine any other actor in the shoes of Robert Pattinson playing Twilight heartthrob Edward Cullen. Everything he did was for fans of this trilogy. Once he admitted that entire series ‘didn’t make any sense’. Robert become a movie star thanks to this franchise, but he also gained the Twilight’s tag on his face for the rest of his movie career.

5. Matt Damon, The Bourne Ultimatum
Matt was angry at Tony Gilroy, because he didn’t like how the script ended in the Bourne trilogy. He said a lot of harsh words about Gilroy, but lately Matt gave his apologies. Damon’s feelings got hurt so he just didn’t know how to act.

6. Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Daniel said that he has been trying to do his best, but in reality he didn’t show all his acting potential in this part of Harry Potter. That’s why he has a reason to hate it, fans really like this movie though. Let’s hope he will overdo himself in his wizarding experience.

7. Mark Wahlberg, The Happening
Marky Mark is one of those actors who can be affiliated with bad boys and lavish lifestyle. But his role of playing a teacher is something that nobody expected from him. As he said you can’t blame him for this, even if he hates this movie. But he’s glad that he hasn’t been playing a cop or a gangster.

8. Mickey Rourke, Passion Play
Mickey Rourke said only one word about this movie – ’terrible’. Well some self-criticism is better than keeping silent.

9 Tobey Maquire, Spider Man
The third film definitely killed the Spider Man franchise, it’s all about the same leads and the same actors. Maquire and Kirsten Dunst expressed their frustration about being involved into another superhero film.

10 Colin Farrell, Miami Vice
Farrell has never liked this movie, and this movie adaptation is not one of his best works. We don’t know what makes him thinks so! Ya, right… Also a lot of fans and critics started hating him after this movie.