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Mind-Boggling Before and After Photos of Actors in the Warcraft Movie


You can say whatever you want about the movie’s plot, lore-breaking character changes or even the size of Human pauldrons compared to the game, but one thing we can all agree about – is the stupefying makeup the actors went through to deliver this badass movie. Especially the Orcs.

Most of the time we as movie-goers don’t see the before/after shots like these, but thanks to a Reddit user Zidden we can all witness how much work and passion went into re-creating these characters on screen. Every little detail, every scar, every wrinkle and every Orc tusk were all created individually to make these fictional characters look as realistic as possible, without ruining the viewer’s immersion.

In a second you’ll see for yourself how truly talented the Warcraft makeup artists are, but first let me ask you, have you already seen the movie? If you have, let me know what was your favorite part (I bet it’s that random Murloc, HAH!) and what you’d like to see in the sequels. I’m guessing lil’ baby Arthas and Thrall would be great, right?

Anyway, enjoy the gallery!