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9 Stars From The 90s Who Are Still Rich

Back in the 90s’ hundreds of kids, teens, and adults were lucky enough to leave their marks in our hearts as movie actors and musicians. They also made a lot of money. Do you think after 20-30 years they’re still worth something? Let’s find out!

10 Actors That Started Their Careers On Soaps

We go to the movies several times a year and see these well-known actors play in big budget movies, yet we often forget that even these massive superstars at one time had to start out with their first big acting gig. For many actors, that meant starting in a soap opera. It’s not exactly the most glamorous acting job out there, but it is one that will get you noticed in the big leagues.

15 Action Heroes From Our Childhood Then and Now

We live in the age of superhero media. Today’s kids have hundreds of role models to choose from: Captain America, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, and the list goes on. But we still remember the 90s’ when kids were arguing over who’s stronger Rambo or Terminator…