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10 Actors That Started Their Careers On Soaps


We go to the movies several times a year and see these well-known actors play in big budget movies, yet we often forget that even these massive superstars at one time had to start out with their first big acting gig. For many actors, that meant starting in a soap opera. It’s not exactly the most glamorous acting job out there, but it is one that will get you noticed in the big leagues.

Let’s take a look at some big actors that started off with a part in a soap opera.

Demi Moore

One of the most respected and known actresses of her generation, Demi started off with a role in General Hospital in the early 80’s. She spent over a decade as a part of the show’s cast, before finally landing her first big movie part.

Chris Hemsworth

Before being known as Thor, Chris Hemsworth started out his acting career as a cast member in a long-running Australian drama series Home And Away. I’m pretty sure going from a soap opera actor to one of the most important MCU characters isn’t a bad thing at all.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda started off her acting in As The World Turns, a soap opera about some high class families and all the intrigue that goes along with it. Considering the projects she’s starred in now, it’s almost impossible to believe she started out with this small role.

Jensen Ackles

Where everyone knows Jensen as heartthrob Dean from Supernatural these days, his career didn’t start so glamorous – or quite as supernatural. He actually started off with a small role in the soap opera of soap operas: Days of Our Lives.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Before everyone knew her as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sarah actually started her career in the soap opera All My Children. She didn’t even appear in 30 episodes on the show, but did win an Emmy for her performance there. Talk about making an impact!

Robin Wright

Also known as Ms. Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, Robin started her career with a small part in the soap opera Santa Barbara. She spent over 500 episodes in that role, before getting her break in movies with The Princess Bride and later Forrest Gump.

Marisa Tomei

Much like Amanda Seyfried, Marissa started off her career in As The World Turns. Apparently that show was quite the jumping board for people looking to start a big career in acting!

Kevin Bacon

Way before Kevin Bacon saved the world by dancing, he started his acting career in the soap opera Guiding Light. Thankfully, he played this role in a town where dancing was allowed.

Julianne Moore and Meg Ryan

Before playing in movies like Boogie Nights or the latest Kingsman, Julianne Moore starred in – take a guess – As The World Turns. For the record: another famous actress that started on this soap opera is Meg Ryan. I guess if you want to pursue a career in acting, soap operas really do make for a nice starting point.