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7 Stars Who Regret Their TV Roles In The ’90s


In the harsh conditions of fierce competition, young actors grab at any opportunity to show their worth on the big or small screen. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Besides, even if you’re an established star, sometimes you just want to expand your portfolio to prevent being typecast. These circumstances sometimes lead to the actors signing the contract and then horribly regretting it. Even if the show was incredibly popular, it doesn’t mean that everything went smoothly behind the scenes.

Here are seven stars who regret their TV roles in the 90s.

1. Roy Scheider – SeaQuest

Scheider was promised an underwater sci-fi adventure, and to be fair, at first, it was as advertised. But the later seasons became mind-numbingly dumb. He even openly called it “childish trash” on live TV! Ouch.

2. Amy Jo Johnson – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

We all remember the gorgeous Pink Ranger played by Amy. The show was popular then and is still rolling today, so what went wrong for Johnson? Apparently, the whole cast was severely underpaid and didn’t receive any extra fees for syndication. The 90s’ were harsh.

3. Shannen Doherty – Charmed

Charmed was one of those “guilty pleasure” shows. You watched it, you experienced the emotions, and then you’d never talk to anyone about it. And of course, Shannen Doherty was a huge part of that show. She gave us her best witch impression, and in return, the producers fired her after three seasons. I’d be mad too!

4. Max Wright – ALF

Willy Tanner, I mean, Max Wright, did a phenomenal job on ALF, but the echoes of things that were said behind the scenes haunt us to this day. The filming set was elevated so that the ALF puppeteer could move around, but nobody seemed to care about the rest of the cast. They were forced to play second fiddle to a big hairy alien.

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Can you believe that we could have had more seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Sarah wasn’t sick of playing her? I know, that would be amazing. But why did she quit? Apparently she was too tired of playing a badass vampire slayer. And where is she now? Probably regretting that decision.

6. Heidi Swedberg – Seinfeld

Heidi played Susan, George’s one and only chance to get a family. After a few episodes, the producers killed her off in the dumbest way possible because, according to the rest of the cast, she didn’t really fit in very well. Let’s just say she didn’t love that.

7. Saverio Guerra – Becker

Becker is, to this day, my favorite 90s sitcom. Relatable characters, crude jokes, relevant topics – the show had a lot going for it. One of those things was Guerra’s character, Bob. He got shafted hard, didn’t get paid, and was replaced by this Hector dude who had no comedic timing whatsoever. The worst thing of all, Bob just disappears, and nobody remembers him. That’s the highest form of disrespect in the TV business.