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8 Weirdest Asian Delicacies

Asia is a huge tourist magnet. Some travelers go there for the beautiful beaches, ancients monuments, and a unique atmosphere, but it also delivers an extraordinary culinary experience. But only if you dare.

What Happens If You Eat Bacon Every Day?

Most people treat it as junk food they just can’t resist. It’s something they know can’t be good for them, but they’re willing to take the risk because it’s that yummy. But is bacon actually that bad for you?

9 Amazing Ways to Eat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is one of those foods you don’t really think about. We know it’s full of protein and we know it’s good for us, but on its own it seems quite boring and we would never reach for it in the fridge.

7 Curious Facts About Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-drying is said to be the biggest thing in the food business since the sliced bread. Thanks to the process of freezing and sublimation of water from the products, the shelf life of freeze-dried foods can be significantly extended, which means less waste.

9 Strange Things That People Actually Eat

People have an appetite for all sorts of things that could scientifically be classified as “yucky.” But keep an open mind because once the world runs out of chicken nuggets and Cheetos, we might not have any choice but to subsist on the strange foods on this list.

8 Superfoods That Can Help You With Hair Loss

If you want to prevent becoming a huge skull-shaped reflector panel, you might want to give these superfoods a try. They may or may not work, but I doubt anyone would dare risk it anyway. This is your hair we’re talking about.