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Foods You Can Safely Eat Past Their Expiration Date


If you like food and a good bargain, there’s probably nothing you hate more than an expiration date. It’s a number that essentially tells you that you were to late in eating that delicious food, which automatically means you have to chuck it in the bin.

Rejoice, citizens, for there’s a list of foods below where you can safely ignore the printed expiration date and trust your nose and/or eyes!


If you don’t open the box, you can easily keep cereal for up to six months past its printed expiration date. It’s the perfect apocalypse food!

Prepackaged Food

I mean, it’s usually sealed pretty shut so it’ll last a lot longer than leaving it out in the open. If it looks like you can eat it and it’s still bagged, you can probably still eat it.


There’s big visual cue here: if it’s green, don’t eat it. If it’s not green, go ahead. It’s that easy.


The white stuff that pops up on chocolate actually isn’t mold and is safe to eat. As long as you keep your chocolate cool-ish, it can last for months or even years past the date printed on the package.


I mean, cheese has a much bigger tell to show you if it’s safe to eat than the printed date. The instant chese isn’t fit for consumption anymore, it’ll grow mold like it’s nobody’s business. You can often cut around the mold and still eat the other parts, but I wouldn’t recommend that.


Pasta can easily last up to two years past its printed date. Makes you wonder why they’d bother printing a date in the first place, right? Who buys pasta to not eat it within 2 years?


Another one of those foods that can last a surprisingly long time as long as you don’t open the bag. We’re talking at least several months past the expiration date. Ofcourse it’s better to be safe and just eat it all the same night you bought it. We won’t judge.

Anything Frozen

Frozen food can stay up to a year past its printed date. I mean, when you think about it, freezing food is the best way to keep it.