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8 Movie Villains, We Can’t Help But Love

Sometimes while watching a movie, we realize that the villains are so much cooler than the good guys that we forget the whole “evil is bad” axiom, and we stan those bad guys as hard as we can.

Hollywood Celebs And The Real People They Played

Let’s take a look at some of the actors and people they played side by side. White it’s obvious that it’s not always a perfect match when it comes to appearance, in some of these movies the resemblance between the actor and the real person is uncanny.

8 Best Child Performances in Movies

Child actors, due to lack of experience and training, rarely raise a movie above what it already is. Every once in a while though, a diamond in the rough appears and we get to see a new child star be born.

Monica Bellucci | 9 Greatest Hollywood Stars of the 2000s | Brain Berries

9 Greatest Hollywood Stars of the 2000s

At the beginning of this century, some 20 years ago, their names were in every magazine in the whole world, and their faces earned them millions of dollars. But decades have passed, and some of their popularity withered with time.

8 British Actors We Are Ready To Drop Everything For | Brain Berries

8 British Actors We Are Ready To Drop Everything For

It is truly a mystery why Great Britain is home to so many handsome actors. Hollywood is dominated by gorgeous-looking brits for a reason! They possess an irresistible mix of good looks, incredible talent, poise, self-confidence, and that accent that would make any woman melt. All that makes British actors incredibly attractive both on screen and in real life.

7 Supporting Actors That Stole The Show | Brain Berries

7 Supporting Actors That Stole The Show

Supporting characters usually get a bad rep. They’re often dismissed as a necessary evil and characters that hang around for no other reason than to carry the plot forward. Sometimes, however, supporting actors knock it way out of the park. They completely own their character and steal the screen every time the camera’s pointed at them.