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Hollywood Celebs And The Real People They Played


While a lot of movies are works of fiction there’s a hefty amount of films being made based on real events and about real people. Sometimes the movie is more about what happened and what event occurred and the characters are made up. But when a movie is meant to tell a story of a real life person, it’s pretty important to make sure the actor or actress who gets cast to play the part actually looks the part. Hollywood doesn’t always get this right, but they try. So let’s take a look at some of the actors and people they played side by side. White it’s obvious that it’s not always a perfect match when it comes to appearance, in some of these movies the resemblance between the actor and the real person is uncanny.

1. Elton John – Taron Egerton

2. Queen Elizabeth II – Olivia Colman

3. Fred Rogers – Tom Hanks

4. Ted Bundy – Zac Efron

5. Sully Sullenberger – Tom Hanks

6. Billie Jean King – Emma Stone

7. Abraham Lincoln – Daniel Day Lewis

8. Katherine Johnson – Taraji P. Henson

9. Aileen Wuornos – Charlize Theron

10. Elizabeth Gilbert – Julia Roberts

11. Queen Elizabeth II – Helen Mirren

12. Nelson Mandela – Idris Elba

13. Princess Diana – Naomi Watts

14. Ray Charles – Jamie Foxx

15. Sharon Tate – Margot Robbie

16. Steve Jobs – Ashton Kutcher

17. Muhammad Ali – Will Smith

18. Jackie Kennedy – Natalie Portman

19. Chris Gardner – Will Smith

20. Kris Jenner – Selma Blair

21. Judy Garland – Renée Zellweger

22. Ken Miles – Christian Bale