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9 Most Gorgeous Women in the MCU

The hardest job in turning a comic book to life is casting the right person for the right character, and the MCU has consistently done an excellent job at this.

Top 8 Most Outspoken Celebrity Feminists

Today, feminism is going strong, even though the radicals are ruining it for everyone. Even Hollywood stars are using their celebrity status to defend women’s rights, and they are doing a great job!

Hollywood Celebs And The Real People They Played

Let’s take a look at some of the actors and people they played side by side. White it’s obvious that it’s not always a perfect match when it comes to appearance, in some of these movies the resemblance between the actor and the real person is uncanny.

8 Best Child Performances in Movies

Child actors, due to lack of experience and training, rarely raise a movie above what it already is. Every once in a while though, a diamond in the rough appears and we get to see a new child star be born.

10 Celebrities Who Can Speak Multiple Languages

Hollywood stars must have impeccable English skills, that’s a given, but beyond that, the more languages they know, the more riles they can fill. Most stars do not scream about their knowledge from the rooftops, and only show off their hidden talents when necessary.