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9 Hollywood Celebs With a Bad Reputation


Working in Hollywood is a big dream for most people. You get to be famous, be around famous people, have loads of money, go to fun places etc. There’s almost no downsides to it. It’s a lifestyle that awes and inspires millions of young fans and even some haters.

The one big downside that nobody mentions however, is that working in Hollywood requires working with people who also work in Hollywood. Let’s take a look at some Hollywood stars that are, reportedly, an absolute horror to work with. 

1. Christian Bale

Remember that leaked audio fragment of Christian Bale yelling at the director of photography because the lights were wrong on the set of Terminator Salvation? Yeah. Blame the lights guy for bad script, poor acting, and slow camera work, why don’t you. Damn you, lights, you’ve ruined this masterpiece!

2. Mel Gibson

Mel’s violent outbursts are a thing of the past now but will always follow him wherever he goes. He’s still almost unhireable for any movie he doesn’t write or direct himself. It might be a bit harsh for a man who’s clearly shown he wants to be a better person, but there was like a five-year period where he just made everyone hate him.

3. Shannen Doherty

Why would a person that got fired from Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed be obnoxious to work with? That makes no sense at all, right? Well, for you non-believers, it’s still true. Not just that, but castmates were openly happy to see her go. Although after all these years she’s probably mellowed out a little.

4. Russell Crowe

Russell doesn’t look like a wimpy fellow, and he doesn’t act like one either. He nearly got fired from Robin Hood because he was too much of a bullhead against Ridley Scott, and he’s reached the tabloids multiple times for his off-set behavior too. Taking a chill pill once in a while is important, Russell.

5. Tom Cruise

During the recent filming of yet another Mission Impossible movie, Cruise has been obnoxious to say the least. He actually got drones on set to check if everyone was following COVID regulations, which lead to more than one violent outburst from the man himself if anyone got caught without a face mask.

6. Dustin Hoffman

It’s not really a secret anymore that Dustin had a huge fight with Sydney Pollack whilst filming Tootsie. Dustin was reportedly a bit too controlling over his character, which Pollack called difficult. Hoffman on the other hand, just considers himself to be meticulous in his art. I guess there are arguments to be made for both points of view here, but the facts remain the same.

7. David Hasselhoff

As much as we’d want to forget it, we’ll never be able to purge our minds of that one time when The Hoff was blind drunk on the floor, eating a hamburger. Or what had been a hamburger a couple of minutes prior and was now just a bun, some lettuce and a misplaced tomato on the floor. Must have been a really bad day for him.

8. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis always plays the nice-looking guy who just, through no machinations of his own, is usually forced to shoot his way through a bunch of terrorists on Christmas Eve. Sadly he’s a lot less nice in real life, where Kevin Smith even referred to working with Bruce as “soul crushing”. That’s pretty harsh coming from Silent Bob.

9. Edward Norton

Probably the most famous “backseat director” on this list, Ed is a huge control freak. He’s such a perfectionist when he’s acting that it actually led to a lot of tension with the producers on American History X and The Incredible Hulk. Imagine being a perfectionist about turning into a big green monster that fights another big, off-shade green monster. That’s dedication, right there.