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Top 9 Most Hilarious Red Carpet Wardrobe Malfunctions

Some celebs can go their whole lives without having a single red carpet wardrobe malfunction, while others seem to be cursed by faulty zippers and ripped dresses at every event. But the eyes of a good paparazzi see it all. Whatever unmentionable part of a star’s body had popped out, the best way to handle that potential oopsie would be to embrace it and laugh it off. 

9 Reasons Blake Lively Is Funnier Than Ryan Reynolds

Years before Ryan’s role as (the proper) Deadpool, people considered him to be hilarious, but it looks like his wife, Blake Lively, has been pretty busy keeping up with his comedic adventures, and maybe learning a thing or two along the way. Relax, I’m joking, the truth is, Blake is just as capable of coming up with the proverbial “comedy gold”, as her beloved Merc with the Mouth. So, let’s see if Blake Lively is actually funnier than Ryan Reynolds, or if she’s just a fluke.

New Emoji Hair Trend Takes Social Media By Storm And We Are In Love With It (10+Pics)

. You can experiment with all colour schemes and create interesting themes that will make your look truly stand out. And the best part about it? It’s totally free and does nothing to your hair. Unlike all previous hair trends that involved lots of hair dyeing and expensive trips to salons, this one will leave your hair out of the harm’s way and you can experiment non-stop until you either get tired of it, or the trend dies out. So what are you waiting for?