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EBay Has The Weirdest Beauty Gadgets


eBay has pretty much everything for pretty much everyone. If it’s available for purchase, you’ll find it there. Where most of the time that’s a blessing, it can also be a curse. And if there’s one area of life in which people can truly be cursed, it’s beauty.
Sounds like a match made in Heaven to look for beauty gadgets on eBay then, doesn’t it? Well, turns out it really isn’t. The list of weird beauty gadgets you can find for half a kidney (because bidding on beauty isn’t cheap, people) is nearly endless. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.



A Nose Shaper
Screw nosejobs, this is the thing you need to get rid of your freakishly wide nose!



The Lip Moisturiser
Lip balm is overrated. It’s much more time-effective to look like Hannibal Lecter got a sense of fashion.

The Wrinke-Removing Mask
It also makes you look like you’re ready to rob a bank.

The Anti Double Chin Bandage
The irony of the matter being that almost all double chins look better than that bandage.



An Eyebrow Stencil
Let’s be honest – don’t you just hate having eyebrows that don’t match up? You don’t? Well then, this item probably isn’t for you.

A Face Lift Bandage
I’d honestly rather walk around with a saggy face.

An Anti-Bacterial Face Mask
Yup, it’s just putting gold stuff on your face. Apparently, bacteria are scared of wealth.



The Lip Plumper
It may not seem like much, but this weird contraption should give you weird big-ass lips.

Face Slimmer
Lovely, isn’t it?