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Heather Theurer Does The Best Disney Artwork


Artist Heather Theurer does amazing artwork based on our most beloved Disney characters. She makes them instantly recognizable but manages to put her own twist and style on it. And who could argue that Heather’s paintings aren’t true works of art?



Beauty and the Beast







Lilo & Stitch

It’s amazing how she manages to capture the nostalgia of the Disney universe along with the added realism of a painting. She breathes extra life into these characters and it’s honestly very hard to pick a painting that stands out above the others. Her work is incredibly consistent, which only adds to her copious amounts of talent.







Peter Pan



The Princess and the Frog

Be sure to check out her website on where you can find more of her artwork – or even buy a piece! It’s certainly worth it, and it’ll be an interesting piece to have in your own home.






Alice in Wonderland

The Little Mermaid