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6 Weird Eating Habits Of Donald Trump


Did you know Donald Trump was a big fast food fan? Neither did I, but, apparently, it’s true. I have no idea why anyone would care about someone else’s eating habits… But it’s cool you’re here, and you were curious enough to click on this article, so let me show you just how weird and unorthodox Trump’s eating habits are. (Spoiler warning: they aren’t weird at all)



1. Steak must always be super well-done
He’s a simple man, what did you expect? Trump loves his meat hard. I can relate, but that’s because I’m too lazy to cook it right.

2. Someone’s a yoooge McDonald’s fan
Can you guess his top three items on the menu? Filet-o-Fish, Big Mac, and the Quarter Pounder. I mean, he’s not wrong, those things are hella delicious.

3. He prefers his orders without any loogies
If I were him, I’d never order anything anywhere, since you never know how people will react to you, especially the kitchen staff at McDonald’s and what-not. Just imagine being on burger duty and getting an order from President Trump. It’s all cool if you’re a fan, but there are way too many haters to give such information away. That’s why anonymity is the way to go, otherwise you could find some nasty stuff in your food.

4. Forks and chicken do match, apparently
I’m gonna use the word “apparently” a lot in this article, because, apparently, you’re NOT supposed to eat chicken with a fork? What? Listen here, when you use the fork so you don’t end up all covered in chicken grease! But if you are in a hurry eating it with your fingers is OK; kinda like the next one.

5. Eating pizza with a fork
Apparently, New Yorkers were shocked to see Donald Trump cut his pizza slice with a knife. Goddamit, people… Can you not look at your own plate for a minute? Oh, you don’t use plates for pizza? Cut your pizza, dudes, it’s better that way.

6. No beer for President Trump!
Apparently (last one, I swear), Trump has never had a drink in his life, and he’s always been clean. That’s why you’ll never see him order beer (well, that’s one of the reasons), wine, or anything harder. That’s something to be proud of! Then again, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, and his word is not as solid as we’d like it to be.