Art Gallery Stalker Looks For Visitors Who Match Famous Artworks


Museums, art exhibits, and other cultural events can sometimes be impossibly boring, unless you’re a true admirer, or at least a try-hard poser, trying to prove to everyone you’re better than them, because you “get it”. Turns out there’s a third option: you could be a French photographer Stefan Draschan. This dude is pretty out there on the creepiness scale, but he’s also a genius!











He’s been working on this “People matching artworks” project for months now. In the beginning people accused him of staging the whole thing, since “nobody would dress like that to an art gallery” (in their opinion). But the hard truth is – Stefan’s secret is patience. Lots and lots of patience.











He loves “camping” for visitors wearing exquisite garbs, but it sometimes may take hours to finally snap that perfect photo. Usually it’s just their clothes, but quirky hair color and fabulous beards do synergize with some of the artworks in the gallery. I really want to know if he asks for the visitors’ permission before uploading the photos online. Would be a shame if some random guy just unleashed an army of lawyers on Stefan.