7 Best Robert Pattinson Movies

Surviving the Twilight series was quite an ordeal for the actors as well as the viewers, and let’s just say that not everyone made it out as well as they should have. But Robert Pattinson has somehow reinvented himself and rebuilt a career pretty much from the ground up.

Robert Pattinson Showed the GQ Magazine What Quarantining Really Means

We know that movies, TV shows, and many other interactive media have taken a massive hit from the COVID pandemic. But nobody even thought twice about the printed media like tabloids and magazines, which usually thrive on exclusive photos of celebs. And since you can’t gather the photo crew that easily, Robert Pattinson was forced to find a creative solution for his GQ magazine shoot.

6 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up But Still Worked Together

Breakups are pretty freaking difficult to deal with even if you don’t work together, but at least then you can just avoid the other person. However, if you work in the same office it becomes slightly more difficult but you can make it work, by just trying to avoid them in halls, leaving later or coming in to work earlier to avoid awkward elevator rides. But what happens when you’re celebrities who work on a show together?