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Best Movies On Netflix To Watch On Quarantine

It seems a bit strange to talk about movies and complain about being bored when self-isolating during a worldwide pandemic, but that’s the reality we live in. Healthcare systems are crumbling under the pressure of thousands of sick people and a new unknown virus and we’re told that the only way to stop this and essentially save the world is to stay at home. This in itself sounds like a plot for a movie. But hey, we can’t keep thinking about this 24/7, we need a distraction.

Top 6 Netflix Breakout Actors Who Became International Superstars

Talented TV actors aren’t always easy to spot but sometimes a lucky ray of sun does shine on them, elevating their brand new career to new heights. Netflix has produced hundreds of original movies and TV shows, so it’s no surprise that some of their stars managed to break out from under the streaming giant’s wing and become even more popular.