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The Best Releases On Netflix This Month


We’ve all been aimlessly scrolling through Netflix for weeks now, and while new things are added regularly. May seem to be the month that we get all of our favourite classics, along with a few new fresh movies. Not only that but we’re also getting new seasons of some of our favourite shows and there’s even new exciting series with Hollywood stars debuting this month. So here’s the list, pick your favourites, pop some popcorn and get watching.

1. Space Force

If you haven’t heard about the new Netflix show called Space Force you’re in for a massive treat. It’s hilariously based on that weird announcement Trump made about creating a US Space Force, and the idea is to figure out exactly what that would look like. The show is created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, you know, the people who made The Office. Carell is obviously staring and the style of it is also going to be a mockumentary. Keep your fingers crossed, it might just be as good as the Office.

2. Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics

If you want to hear stories of celebs on drugs told by the actual celebs who had those experiences this show was made for you. It’s a brilliant concept, don’t you think? Will it be fascinating or hilarious? We’re hoping for both, to be honest.

3. The Wrong Missy

If you like Adam Sandler movies but want one with a female protagonist – this is it. It’s silly, it’s hilarious, it makes very little sense and yet it’s adorable and kind of heartwarming despite all the stupid jokes and slapstick comedy bits. If you’re looking for something to turn off your brain and make you giggle this movie is it.

4. Uncut Gems

Speaking of Adam Sandler, his new movie Uncut Gems is coming to Netflix this month and we can’t wait for it. It looks way more stressful than his other movies and we’re wondering if this is another attempt at a serious role for him or not. There’s only one way to find out.

5. Riverdale (Season 4)

Listen, we know this show is known for being a mess but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re all watching it. Is it so good or so bad that it’s good? It doesn’t really matter. You just can’t stop watching it and now there’s a whole new season on Netflix.

6. Becoming

Does it sound familiar? Perhaps like a book, you might’ve read recently? Well, that’s because it’s a new documentary about Michelle Obama. You’ll find out more about her life not only in the white house, and not only as the First Lady. You’ll find out her “origin story”, because yeah, we consider her to be a modern-day superhero. And in the wise words of Michelle, so much more of what makes her who she is happened outside of the White House.

7. Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

If you love Jerry Seinfeld you’re probably already excited about the fact that Netflix is buying the right to Seinfeld and you’ll be able to watch the sitcom on Netflix next year. But in the meantime here’s a new stand-up show from your favourite 90’s comedian. He’s still here, he’s still annoyed about mundane things and he’ll make you laugh at the absurdity of life.

Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special 2019

8. Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

If you watched the first Hannah Gadsby stand up show you know she’s good, we’d say she’s great even! Her sharp wit, her comedic timing and her ability to talk about serious things within the context of a comedy routine are astounding. Let’s see what she’s got in store for us this time.