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Top 6 Netflix Breakout Actors Who Became International Superstars


Talented TV actors aren’t always easy to spot but sometimes a lucky ray of sun does shine on them, elevating their brand new career to new heights. Netflix has produced hundreds of original movies and TV shows, so it’s no surprise that some of their stars managed to break out from under the streaming giant’s wing and become even more popular.

These are top 7 Netflix breakout actors and actresses who became international superstars!

1) Mahershala Ali – “House of Cards”

Okay, maybe Ali didn’t start out on Netflix, but it was his first big role. And after only a couple of episodes of “House of Cards”, everyone knew that one day he’ll be an Oscar-winner. And so it happened! He got an Oscar for “Green Book”! There’s also “True Detective”, “Battle Angel: Alita”, and many other smash hits.

2) Katherine Langford – “13 Reasons Why”

After all the crap-storms that “13 Reasons Why” had caused, it’s no surprise that Katherine Langford was noticed and picked up by some major players. The rumors were true – she was supposed to play Tony Stark’s daughter in the future. Can you imagine going from a TV show to “Avengers Endgame” in just 2 years? It’s sad that her scenes were cut from the movie, but I hope Marvel gives her a second chance one day.

3) Justice Smith – “The Get Down”

You may know him as Ezekiel “Books” Figuero on the “Get Down” TV series, but that was 3 years ago. In those three years Justice became a supernova! First, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, then “Detective Pikachu”? You can’t stop this youngster!

4) Betty Gilpin – “GLOW”

She did many TV roles before starring in “GLOW” with Alison Brie, but after 2 seasons of hard work, sweat, and tears, big industry names finally started to notice Betty.  So much so that’s she currently has 3 projects in the oven! Trust me, soon you’ll be hearing the name Betty Gilpin everywhere.

5) Finn Wolfhard – “Stranger Things”

Little boy who fought the scary Demogorgon from the Upside-Down is now a huge celebrity, along with every kid from “Stranger Things”. We’ve already seen him in 2017’s “It”, and he’s been doing a lot of voice over gigs, the best is yet to come. He’ll certainly be in “It – chapter 2”, the new “Adams Family”, and the recently announced “Ghostbusters” movie! Oh and he’s also a fan of Game Grumps, which proves he knows good comedy.

6) Millie Bobby Brown – “Stranger Things”

Of all the child actors from “Stranger Things”, Millie got lucky the most. But of course, it’s not just about the luck, she clearly deserved her fame. I’d even got so far as to say the she did the best job out of all the human actors in the new “Godzilla” movie. And guess what… She’s already slated for the “Godzilla vs Kong”! So much exposure, and it’s all positive. Show us what you’ve got, Millie!