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14 Most Iconic Duos In Cinema History

Every year Hollywood produces more and more movies with memorable characters. Some are great as solo roles, others work best in an ensemble of three and more, and then there are the iconic tandems.

8 Times Movies Predicted the Future

Do science-fiction films predict the development of technology? Sometimes it seems like screenwriters and directors have a way to gaze into the future of mankind. Or is it just their unchained imagination at work here?

9 Movies That Were Reshot to Please the Viewers | Brain Berries

9 Movies That Were Reshot to Please the Viewers

The proliferation of media resources that are focused on covering the comings and goings of Hollywood have exposed all the previously “internal” filming processes. Now, anyone with an internet connection can check on how progress is going on a movie they’re looking forward to. So, whenever we hear the news that a movie is being re-shot, we perk up and try to figure out why.