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8 Times Movies Predicted the Future


Do science-fiction films predict the development of technology? Sometimes it seems like screenwriters and directors have a way to gaze into the future of mankind. Or is it just their unchained imagination at work here?

There are many cases when the tech gurus were inspired by science fiction, which lead them to the creation of genuine revolutionary innovations. But things aren’t always so obvious. There are times when the movies actually supersede the events or technology, and people can’t help but marvel at the almost improbable coincidences.

1. Back to the Future 2 (1989)
The “Back to the Future” franchise gave us hoverboards – devices resembling skateboards, but with anti-gravity tech instead of wheels. But the movie had more gadgets! Another futuristic device, which was later invented in real life, turned out to be “glasses with the built-in phone”. Sounds familiar?

2. Terminator (1984)
In the first Terminator, flying drones are shown only briefly. Back then, the idea of robot-piloted planes that carried fiery death looked like science fiction, but today, drones are everywhere!

3. Minority Report (2002)
In his 2002 film, Spielberg resorted to the help of the best futurologists to make the year 2054 look believable. And some guesses turned out to be scarily on-point. Personalized advertising that follows the main character is very similar to contextual advertising that surrounds us on the web pages. And non-contact interfaces that respond to hand gestures appeared back in 2010, although they have not yet managed to become as effective as in the Minority Report.

4. Total Recall (1990)
We’re still far from colonizing and terraforming Mars, but self-driving cars are not a fantasy anymore. Sure, Google’s self-driving vehicles are not controlled by a friendly android, but the similarities are still undeniable.

5. Cable Guy (1996)
In Cable Guy, there’s a scene where Jim Carrey yells something about all Americans soon combining their TVs, phones, and computers, so they can visit the Louvre on one channel, and watch women’s wrestling on another. Also, shop directly from home and play Mortal Kombat with your friend in Vietnam. This line turned out to be a very prophetic prediction about the future of entertainment inside our homes.

6. I am Legend (2007)
A very cool detail can be seen in the scene where Will Smith wanders around post-apocalyptic New York. A massive billboard with the combined Batman and Superman logos is visible in the devastated Times Square. Apparently, in this movie’s universe, “Batman vs. Superman” was released shortly before the world plunged into chaos. Moreover, the logos of the fictional movie and the real one are almost identical.

7. The Net (1995)
When this thriller about high-tech things was released, the concept of “identity theft” was not entirely new, but the Internet was still in its infancy, so both hacking and data theft were more of a joke than a threat. Also, the “Net” predicted the ability to order food without leaving home and without talking to anyone, also known as one of the best inventions ever.

8. Supernatural (2005-2020)
And for dessert, let’s join Sam and Dean Winchesters in one of their adventures. In season 5, episode 4 of Supernatural, Dean gets sent to 2014, where he learns that a thing called the Croatoan virus had virtually destroyed the country and possibly the world. After the survivors had found out that he’s from the past, one of them (Chuck, who we know now to be THE God), tells Dean that when he gets back to 2009, he should, and I quote: “hoard toilet paper, like it’s made of gold.” Sound eerily familiar, doesn’t it?