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Stars of “Back to the Future” Reunited Again And Made Fans Cry


When it comes to timeless franchises, none is more iconic than Back to the Future and the amazing cast who have forged real unbreakable bonds of friendship. Actor Michael J. Fox, who played the iconic time-traveler Marty McFly in Back to the Future and Back to the Future 2, has returned and reunited with the rest of the stars at the Fan EXPO, surprising the Portland fans.

A meeting like this is not a rare occurrence, as the crew, or at least some of them, visits conventions and expos almost every year. But it’s still heartwarming to see the cast hug each other and put smiles on people’s faces, especially since we don’t see Michael J. Fox all that often due to his health condition.

The troubling news about Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease is becoming more frequent recently. And let’s give the man some credit for not beating around the bush about it – he is in severe pain. How do you live when every step you take is filled with misery? The answer is – one step at a time.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see Michael fight through this horrible disease and find enough strength to not only get out of bed in the cold February morning, but travel to Portland and visit his friends and fans at Fan Expo. There he met with his Back to the Future bestie, Christopher Lloyd, lovely Lea Thompson, and the bully, Tom Wilson.

The whole panel was a lot of fun, love, and cuddles for everyone. The actors really looked like one of those perfect families.

Lea, who’s famous for playing Marty’s young mom, posted some cute photos of the BTTF gang. Christopher Lloyd, who you may know as Doc Brown, one-upped Lea with a funny caption for his post, saying that he’s found the flux capacitor and brought the crew to February, 2023, just in time for Fan Expo in Portland.

If you don’t use your voice to support your friends, there’s something wrong with you, and this group of stars, or a “constellation,” if you will, is the best example of how you should treat your buddies. This wasn’t their first rodeo either. When Lloyd found out that Fox had Parkinson’s, he immediately knew that he needed to support his dear friend and colleague and make everyone realize just how great of a man Michael is.

The best way to do that was to address the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the amazing job they’re doing. He said that BTTF has always been much more than just a sci-fi movie and that, at its core, the story was about strength, determination, passion, and friendship – the qualities that have become this franchise’s legacy.

Michael’s fight with this illness is truly worthy of all the praise and support we, as fans, can give him because his close friends have been already doing it for years. This is why Back to the Future will always be one of the top movies ever made.